Brian Enright

CEO/Executive Director of
Professional Development

About Us

What is our Mission?

The mission of NTN is to build a nation of mathematically sound thinkers who have deep conceptual understanding through the provision of high quality math professional development to educators.

Who are we?

National Training Network, Inc. (NTN), is a mature (25 years old), fully developed, math professional development company, that specializes in providing on-going and embedded professional development and coaching services to mathematics teachers. Professional development is tailored to meet individual school needs through a thorough qualitative and quantitative analysis of each schools data.

NTN combines proven methodologies with “Seven Levels of Professional Development” designed to develop and deepen teachers and students understanding of essential mathematics concepts, and facilitate the understanding and infusion of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in grades Kindergarten through Algebra.

The initial and ongoing professional development focuses on integrating the best teaching practices to provide tools for teachers to use throughout daily instruction. These practices are researched based and focuses on the key shifts in mathematics resulting in increased student performance, productivity, and engagement.

Who is our Founder?

Dr. Brian E. Enright, Founder of National Training Network (NTN) has delivered Professional Development to teachers and administrators in all 50 states, Canada and the Caribbean for the past 50 years. He participates as the lead author of all NTN products. He has authored over 150 mathematics books, journal articles and college texts. Dr. Enright holds an Ed.D. from the University of Alabama and has over 50 years of experience in education as a teacher, school administrator, college professor, writer and professional developer. 

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