Fact Masters

Through a series of studies completed by the founder of National Training Network, it has been determined that students that struggle in mathematics have deficiencies knowing their multiplication facts to a level of automaticity. This deficit becomes a hindrance to the mastery of many mathematical concepts, including the understanding of fractions, fraction operations, integers, and equations. The mastery of this skill has proven to increase the confidence of students, encouraging them to apply themselves in other areas of mathematics that are challenging to students.

The review of math facts is completed in 5 minutes of each class in a variety of ways that allow student to see, hear, and say their facts in an order that has proven to increase the memorization of facts. The process of learning the facts using the concrete and pictorial representations as a foundation for the daily choral drill has been shown to be an effective method of instruction. (Morin, V., & Miller, S. 1998; Kroesbergen, E. & van Luit, J. 2002).

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