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A team of National Training Network staff partner with a team of Local Education Agency staff to create a comprehensive resilient plan to improve mathematics instruction utilizing the “Seven Levels of Staff Development.”


Level 1:  Intensive Professional Development
Teachers are prepared to incorporate the key mathematical concepts using unique methodology and to build the capacity of the district.  Professional development also is provided to school and central office administrators to support implementation.

Level 2:  Comprehensive Lessons
A comprehensive set of concept based lessons, each using multiple representations is provided to each teacher giving them the means to immediately implement the CCSS – Standards for Mathematical Practice and strategies learned during the professional development.

Level 3:  Coaching
Embedded and personalized coaching support is provided to each teacher through frequent onsite and online mentoring via communication, professional development, and one-on-one classroom interactions including modeling, team teaching, ATLAS, data analysis, and planning.

Level 4:  Assisting Through Looking at Students (ATLAS)
ATLAS is a means to gather qualitative data and provide feedback to teachers on students’ level of engagement with NTN methodologies and the CCSS – Standards for Mathematical Practice in the classroom, to guide communication between teachers and coaches.

Level 5:  Professional Learning Communities
Professional Learning Communities are designed by coaches in consultation with teachers and
administrators based on an analysis of ATLAS data.

Level 6:  Technology
Technology supports teacher planning and implementation through website access to video demonstration
lessons, ATLAS data reports, and regular e-communications.

Level 7: Leadership Academy
Leadership Academies are offered to build mathematics leadership at the classroom, school, and district

For specific information on Algebraic Thinking (AT), The Key Elements to Mathematics Success (KEMS),
or The Key Elements to Algebra Success (KEAS), please click on a logo below:

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"The National Training Network has been committed to provide
a hands-on curriculum that engages and supports
learning, intensive professional development, that facilitates
teacher growth in a safe and challenging way, and ongoing
coaching support for our staff in a healthy manner."

- Dr. Josh Garcia
Executive Director of Teaching and Learning
Federal Way Public Schools
Federal Way, WA

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