National Training Network, Inc. (NTN) specializes in coaching & professional development services for math teachers. For over 30 years the company has been providing professional development services that are tailored to the needs of individual schools, based on the extensive analysis of data. NTN uses research-based methodologies with “Seven Levels of Professional Development” focused on deepening the understanding of both teachers and students in the essential concepts of mathematics.

NTN is known for supporting instruction that integrates best practices of mathematics teaching, through the provision of effective strategies and tools for teachers to deliver meaningful daily instruction. The goal is to ensure improved student engagement, productivity, and performance.

From Nicole Beck – President – National Training Network

Educators work tirelessly to design and implement math lessons that meet students individual needs.  Through our job-embedded coaching and the consistent partner feedback, it was clear teachers were spending too much time developing and scoring in order to make data-driven instructional decisions.  In our opinion, this timely process is not the best use of educators’ time. 

We at NTN decided that we needed to develop a solution for this.  So we held focus groups and partnered with MagicBox to build a program that gives educators the right information needed to help their students excel in mathematics.

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