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MathKEYmatics is a powerful math software assessment program designed by teachers for teachers. It provides real-time data on students’ mastery of standards, giving teachers important insights to help make data-based instructional decisions. The MathKEYmatics program easily provides continuous data that is:

  • Easy to interpret

  • Real time
  • Standards-based

  • Exposes student misconceptions

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A Total Solution

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Equip Schools

Guaranteed state standard content

Insight regarding common misconceptions

Value priced

Turnkey accounts already student rostered

Ability to easily create common assessments that are standards based across a grade level

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Support Teachers

Simplify instructional load rather than add to it

Easily identify where students need intervention, remediation or acceleration

Access to formative data allows educators to plan and tailor instruction to student and classroom needs

Group students by progress toward mastery of each standard

student holding classroom books
Empower Students

Individual student reports measure students’ mastery on each standard

Feedback to understand their misconceptions

Immediate actionable data

Individualized practice assignments to address unfinished learning

Did you know?

9-year-old math scores fell 7 percentage points between 2020 and 2022 resulting in more students in need of intensive intervention and support.

*  National Center for Education Statistics

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