The Spring 2020 school closures across the USA will result in many students having severe instructional gaps in previous grade level mathematics learning. The i-NTNmath program is designed to help you address this exact issue, while easily providing continuous data that is:

  • Real-time
  • Easy to interpret
  • Standards-based
  • Exposing student misconceptions

The i–NTNmath program is an all–inclusive assessment program that measures student performance on skills and knowledge of state–specific math standards. The program provides teachers the ability to easily create and evaluate standards–aligned assessments that can be used as formative or summative assessment tools.

User-friendly Intuitive steps and clear instructions on how to generate assessments and data reports
Time-Saving Grade scan feature, with options to provide individualized feedback to students.
Easily Accessible Online or paper-based assessment options, available in English and Spanish
Real-time Data Multiple reports with options to review data in various forms
Quality Assurance Created by former educators, rather than computer programmers
Data-based decision making Multiple data reports, providing valuable insight to teachers and school leaders

Our i-NTNmath program developers incorporated partner feedback to make system interface and onboarding easy to use and maneuver. Teachers no longer need to create their own assessment items, search to find high-quality questions, or spend time scoring. iNTNmath does it all, so that educators can focus on using the scores to make data driven instructional decisions.

When a school or district gets iNTNmath, our team works to grant access to the system without difficulties that may be experienced with other tools. Educators can be up and running in a matter of hours.

Call us today at (855) NTN-MATH to discuss how i-NTNmath can support your district, school, teacher and student needs in mathematics. We have flexible solutions starting at just $9 a license to fit every need.

Get a demo and a month of trial access to experience how i-NTNmath can partner with you to bridge individual student math gaps.

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