KEMS: Key Elements to Mathematics Success

Unlock Student Understanding of Math Concepts

KEMS is a series of standards-based lessons available for Grades 3-8 that focus on building conceptual understanding of math concepts. The lessons help students make connections through the use of multiple representations.


Concept Based Lessons


Teacher lessons pages that provide directions to educators that assist in navigating through multiple representations of a concept


Build student fluency in basic math facts by establishing an understanding of the meaning behind the fact

PD On-Demand Videos


Grade-specific professional development content videos featuring key math concepts


  • Lessons are standards based for Grades 3-8.
  • Lessons build conceptual understanding and help students make connections with multiple representations.
  • Lessons can work in conjunction with any math program in any state.
To reach us directly please contact:

Wendy Maldonado

How KEMS Makes Math Connections:

  • Students build conceptual understanding through exploration.
  • Students make connections about their learning using multiple representations.
  • Students experience real-world practice and application using SOLVE, NTN’s problem solving paradigm.
  • Students learn to organize and explain their thinking about math concepts.
  • Students communicate about their mathematical thinking in cooperative learning groups.
  • Students participate in meaningful practice.
  • Students can demonstrate understanding through a mini-assessment which can provide teachers formative assessment data.

Homework Practice:

Each KEMS Lesson includes homework practice which can be used to scaffold learning throughout the unit. Access homework practices per grade level below:

The KEMS Program Includes:

On-Demand Grade
Specific Math

30 Student

Digital Teacher

30 Student
Manipulative Kits

30 Minute On-
Demand Training


NTN strives to partner with each school to meet its math goals and needs. What are you waiting for? Let’s change the mathematics story in your school.


For any questions, please contact our NTN Curriculum Development Manager, Wendy Maldonado