Concept Based Lessons: KEMS

Key Elements of Mathematics Success (KEMS)

Each grade level of KEMS is comprised of concept-based lessons that support instruction through the use of multiple representations to develop deep conceptual understanding. These lessons are designed to work in conjunction with any math program.   The KEMS Teacher Edition includes modeling boxes which serve as a guide for teachers to teach from concrete to abstract.  Throughout the lesson, students work cooperatively and have meaningful experiences with the concept at the concrete-pictorial-verbal and abstract levels. This process scaffolds student learning and helps students see the crucial connection between multiple representations.   Teachers are given maps and modules to lay out all the information they will need to support their teaching.

Unlocking the Power of KEMS:

  • Students build conceptual understanding through exploration.
  • Students make connections about their learning using manipulatives, pictorial representations and diagrams.
  • Students experience real-world practice and application using SOLVE, NTN’s problem solving paradigm.
  • Students learn to organize and explain their thinking about math concepts using graphic organizers, tables and charts.
  • Students communicate about their mathematical thinking in cooperative learning groups while participating in engaging learning activities.
  • Students participate in meaningful practice.
  • Students can demonstrate understanding through a mini-assessment which can provide teachers formative assessment data and standard based questions on a daily basis.

Resources Available

  • KEMS Instructional Resources

  • Fact Masters
  • PD on Demand

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How to Teach a KEMS Lesson

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What are the Key Elements to Mathematics Success?

National Training Network provides grade-level specific resources entitled, The Key Elements to Mathematics Success- KEMS for Grades 3- 8. Each grade level consists of lessons that support instruction by helping to build the conceptual understanding around each grade level content standard aligned to the CCSS. The Teacher Edition for this resource includes modeling boxes throughout each lesson. These modeling boxes serve as a guide, for teachers, as they move through the step by step process of building conceptual understanding. Throughout the lesson, the students have meaningful experiences with the concept at the concrete-pictorial-verbal and abstract levels. These experiences assist in scaffolding learning experiences and help students to see the crucial connections between the representations. Key math vocabulary words are integrated throughout the lesson to support students as they make connections to previously taught concepts. The modeling boxes are also demonstrated in online lesson videos provided at NTN’s website along with an electronic copy of the lesson notes from the Teacher Edition

SOLVE Problems (five-step problem-solving paradigm):

Every problem opens and closes with a SOLVE problem to set the learning for the day using step “S” and bring closure to the lesson using steps “OLVE”. This promotes the application of the concept using a real-world example.


The KEMS kit includes all manipulatives that are necessary for lesson instruction so that students can have experience modeling with mathematics.

Graphic Organizers:

Instructions and suggested uses for graphic organizers are included within lessons.

Engaging Activities:

Most lessons include a game or activity that will allow students to practice the lesson concept and skill. Teacher instructions are included and the activities also allow opportunities to think critically and communicate with others to defend and explain their thinking.

Homework Practice:

Each KEMS Lesson includes homework practice which can be used to scaffold learning throughout the unit.


Each KEMS Lesson includes a 10 question quiz to give teachers opportunities for ongoing formative assessment.

Concept Based Lessons: KEMS

Grade level specific resources that support instruction and conceptual understanding

icon with math factors
Fact Masters

Build student fluency of basic math facts by establishing an understanding of the meaning behind the fact

PD On-Demand Videos

Grade-specific professional development content videos featuring key math concepts

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