Join us as Sarah Wood, NTN Technology Development Manager, and Heather Thomas, Data Specialist/Math Coach, lead participants through a virtual session exploring three easy actions that can be implemented with your teachers to build their instructional capacity, while also supporting your staff and being mindful of their time. This webinar is available on-demand.

During this session, we will:

  • Evaluate math distractors to gain insight regarding student understanding and misconceptions
  • Engage in a sample Professional Learning Communities activity that focuses on ensuring math assessment content is standards aligned
    • Data Wise: Assessment literacy – evaluating an assessment to make sure it’s aligned, teacher created doesn’t inflate scores (changing numbers on same questions), looking at the distractors (avoiding resource aligned versus the factor that it should be standards aligned)
      • Pull a sample standard (give illustration of it “unpacked”)
      • Pull sample assessment items from multiple resources – Eureka, Envisions, Go Math, IXL, Dreambox, MathKEYmatics
  • Explore grouping strategies to develop math understanding for all students

Sarah WoodAbout The Presenter: Sarah Wood, NTN Math Technology Development Manager

Sarah Wood, NTN Technology Development Manager, is an experienced math educator with a demonstrated history of leading and working in the professional training and coaching industry. She is especially skilled in Education Technology and Solutions, and Technology Development and Integration.

Heather ThomoasAbout The Presenter: Heather Thomas, NTN Data Specialist/Math Coach

Heather Thomas, NTN Data Specialist/Math Coach, is passionate about data analysis and mathematics education. She enjoys unlocking infinite math power through utilizing data-driven insights.

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