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KEMAC (Key Elements to Methodology Approach to Content)

Join us for an enlightening journey through KEMAC (Key Elements to Methodology Approach to Content) Training Weeks, where we embrace and nurture a Growth Mindset philosophy. These weeks are meticulously crafted to empower coaches as Lifelong Learners, providing a platform for continuous growth and development.

Through our Content Training Sessions, participants will delve into the conceptual approach to learning mathematical topics across a broad spectrum. From foundational principles to advanced concepts, our sessions are designed to enhance capacity and understanding.

Over the course of three weeks, we’ll guide you through the vertical progression of content, starting from Kindergarten and progressing seamlessly through to High School. This structured approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of mathematical concepts at every level.

Coaches of all experience ranges are welcomed and encouraged to participate in any session. Our collaborative environment fosters the sharing of knowledge and the expansion of mathematical content expertise.

Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding and become part of a community committed to lifelong learning with KEMAC Training Weeks.

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Goals and Intent of KEMAC Training Sessions

The KEMAC training sessions are a crucial part of NTN’s strategy to deepen conceptual understanding among its coaches. The primary goals and intents of these sessions are:

  1. Defining Conceptual Understanding: The first goal is to clearly define what NTN believes conceptual understanding is for the major mathematical work at each grade level. This involves moving beyond rote memorization to a deep, integrated understanding of mathematical concepts.
  2. Deepening Understanding: During the sessions, NTN aims to deepen the coaches’ understanding of the major work at each grade level. This is crucial for coaches to effectively support and guide educators.
  3. Emphasizing Coherence and Progression: NTN wants coaches to make connections across grades and emphasize coherence within mathematical progressions. This approach ensures that coaches see the bigger picture and understand how different mathematical concepts interlink.
  4. Building NTN’s Library: Part of the training involves creating a comprehensive library of videos, agendas, and supporting documents. This resource aims to save coaches time during the year and provide ready-to-use materials that align with NTN’s teaching philosophy.
  5. Reducing Prep Time: By deepening coaches’ understanding and building their confidence, the KEMAC sessions aim to reduce the time needed for preparation throughout the school year. This allows coaches to focus more on effective support and less on prep work.
  6. Becoming the Expert: The ultimate goal is for coaches to become experts in their field. NTN believes that through engaging and interactive sessions, coaches can achieve a level of expertise that allows them to inspire and lead educators to mathematical proficiency.
  7. Maintaining a Growth Mindset: NTN emphasizes the importance of a growth mindset, where challenges are seen as opportunities to grow. They believe that with the right presentation and support, every coach can succeed and help educators do the same.
  8. Creating a Safe Learning Environment: The training sessions aim to create and maintain a risk-free environment where mistakes are seen as valuable learning opportunities. This encourages coaches to be vulnerable, ask questions, and fully engage with the content.
  9. Empowering Math Teachers: NTN’s mission is to empower math teachers to achieve mathematical confidence and proficiency in their students. The KEMAC sessions are designed to equip coaches with the knowledge and skills needed to fulfill this mission through embedded coaching, training, and standards-based resources.

The KEMAC training sessions aim to provide NTN coaches with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to support educators in implementing a deep, conceptual understanding of math in their classrooms, ultimately transforming the way math is taught and learned.


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