NTN Digital Math Resources Package

Many states have introduced new criteria to ensure schools have a digital curriculum that supports high-quality blended and remote instruction. At NTN, we’ve put together an NTN Digital Math Resources Package that is aligned to state standards and meets the following criteria:
  • Includes a SCOPE and SEQUENCE
  • Lists what students should KNOW and BE ABLE TO DO
  • Aligns with STATE STANDARDS
  • Provides accompanying RESOURCES and MATERIALS

Our package is a collection of easy-to-use digital resources that includes full access to the following:
KEMS: Key Elements of Math Success - teacher working with student

A series of concept-based lessons that support instruction and develop deep conceptual understanding


A powerful math software assessment program with real-time data to help teachers make data-based instructional decisions

To support your efforts in ensuring the NTN Digital Math Resources Package meets your required criteria to unlock funding, we have a team readily available to discuss your school’s specific requirements. We will then send the necessary documentation you may need.
To get started, please Schedule a Virtual Meeting using the calendar below or complete the inquiry form to Request a Quote.