The shortage of qualified math teachers in classrooms has become a significant challenge for schools across the country. Without trained and passionate educators, students may not receive the quality education they deserve. However, in the face of adversity, creativity often thrives. We at NTN know the importance of uninterrupted math instruction and offer technology-based solutions for math classrooms experiencing teacher shortages.

KEMS offers an exciting and comprehensive math solution for grades 3-8 that addresses classrooms with vacancies head-on. With KEMS, you don’t have to worry about untrained teachers in your math classrooms. New teachers and substitutes can easily provide high quality, standards-based math instruction.

Let’s take a look at what’s included with KEMS and how it can help empower students to excel in mathematics, even during these challenging times.

On-Demand, Concept-Based, and Grade Specific Math Lessons

The heart of the KEMS bundle lies in its on-demand grade-specific math lessons. These video lessons are thoughtfully designed to guide students through the discovery of fundamental math concepts. By offering a guided approach, students can explore math principles, allowing for a deeper understanding of each topic.

Teachers and substitutes can play these video lessons in class, and students will follow along in their consumable workbooks. The teacher’s edition provides valuable cues on when to pause the video, creating opportunities for cohesive learning. By working together, collaborating, and discussing in groups, students can unlock the keys of math, by enhancing their problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities.

Student Consumables

KEMS equips classrooms with 30 student consumables (workbooks) that complement the on-demand math lessons. These consumables serve as valuable resources for students, allowing them to practice the concepts learned in the videos and solidify their understanding through exercises and activities.

Digital Teacher Edition

Additionally, each grade bundle includes access to the corresponding Digital Teacher Edition, providing comprehensive tools for teachers and substitutes to facilitate KEMS effectively.

Resources include modeling boxes that demonstrate how the videos will guide students to explore concepts through multiple representations as well as notes that indicate when students should be working in pairs and/or independently.

Student Manipulative Kit

Hands-on learning is essential for fostering a deeper connection with math concepts. The KEMS bundle includes a student manipulative kit for up to 30 students, tailored to each grade level.

These manipulative kits consist of tangible tools, such as beans, two-colored counters, centimeter cubes, fraction strips, and other objects, which complement the on-demand lessons. Students can engage in interactive, hands-on activities that bring math to life and reinforce their understanding of abstract concepts.

30-Minute On-Demand Training

KEMS is designed with simplicity and effectiveness in mind. To ensure a seamless implementation, the bundle offers a 30-minute on-demand training session.

During this session, educators will receive step-by-step guidance on how to effectively use the KEMS resources in their classrooms. This training empowers teachers and substitutes with the knowledge and confidence needed to maximize the benefits of the bundle and create an engaging and enriching math learning environment.

While KEMS isn’t designed to completely replace the impact of dedicated math teachers, it does serve as a valuable tool to help support and enhance the learning experience in math classrooms with teacher vacancies across the country. Through collective efforts and creative thinking, we can build a brighter future for math education!